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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and also the most expensive. There is no doubt that the holidays are a special time but the pressure to overspend when you’re rushing to buy everything on your holiday list can be overwhelming. We have outlined some helpful tips for keeping your holiday expenditures in check to ensure you’ll have a great December without breaking the proverbial bank.


  1. Make A Budget – And Stick To It

While this tip may seem obvious, around the holidays, all bets are off once your children or spouse see that shiny new present that they “must have.” In order to avoid overspending, plan to set a firm budget as to how much you will spend on the holidays this season. This will help reduce impulse shopping as your spending will be planned in advance. It will also help ensure that you are researching the best deals on the items on your list, so you are not spending more than you have to and freeing up money to use on additional gifts while remaining within the budget.


  1. Make A List – And Revise It

While holiday gift giving is a time honored tradition, chances are you are able to not only reduce the number of gifts you will be purchasing to remain within your budget, but you can also limit the number of people that you exchange gifts with or opt for exchanging only cards or inexpensive homemade gifts with coworkers and acquaintances. By doing so, you can focus on buying those closest to you the special gifts requested on their list.


  1. Bake Or Make Holiday Gifts Or Treats

As mentioned above, making homemade gifts and/or baking is a great way to reduce the costs of buying gifts. While there is a time investment in making gifts from scratch, staying within your holiday budget and spending the time you would be out shopping on creating a homemade gift will help keep your holiday budget in check. Not to mention, finding the right gift for someone can often be difficult, but seldom has someone not enjoyed a tin of homemade holiday cookies!


  1. Volunteer

Giving doesn’t always mean spending money. You can give the gift of your time by volunteering at a local charity organization such as a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. This kind of giving doesn’t cost a dime but can be a memorable and significant experience for all involved.


  1. Conduct A Secret Santa Gift Exchange

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a great way to save money and give and receive gifts in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is to remain a secret and should not be revealed. This and similar types of gift exchanges are great for family gatherings, office parties and neighborhood get-togethers. Everyone involved only needs to bring a single gift – and it’s always a fun way to spread the holiday gift giving cheer.


  1. Use The Gift Cards You Received

Gift cards are one of the most popular holiday gifts, but many people forget that they have them and they go unused. Try putting your gift cards in your wallet and plan ways to spend them creatively on items for you and your loved ones to enjoy.


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